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About Swing Tips Golf

  • Swing Tips Golf is a top choice among golfers and golf instructors.
  • We are located in Boston, MA and were founded in 2016.
Our Goals:
  • Provide golf coaches with the software they need to expand their business, all while supplying students with the best experience possible.
  • Create a marketplace for students to find the best coaches in their area based on reviews and testimonials.
  • Participate in the best experience possible whether you are a student or teacher of the game using Swing Tips Golf’s platform.
  • Choose the next generation of golf instruction software.
What is a Swing Tip?
  • This is the process of a student sending in two videos of their swing, Down-the-Line (DL) and Face-On (FO), for a golf instructor to analyze.
  • Using the swing analysis software of their choice, golf instructors can analyze the student’s swing and send back a video of them breaking down the swing with voice over capabilities and suggestions for improvement.
  • Coaches are also encouraged to send videos of drills that the student can use to help with their suggestions for improvement.
  • Find a highly rated golf coach near you based on reviews and testimonials, whether you are a beginner or a scratch golfer.
  • Book lessons in real time.
  • Send videos of your swing to be analyzed for a fraction of the price using Swing Tips or online instruction.
  • Secure checkout.
  • Access videos from lessons and Swing Tips at any time, on any device, without bogging down your device.
  • Share your swing with other students, coaches, and through social media.
Golf Instructors
  • Market your brand.
  • Automate administration processes.
  • Keep a real time calendar or schedule that students can access at any time and book lessons by request.
  • Use PayPal to utilize a secure checkout, as well as enforcing a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • Minimize the amount of “No Shows”.
  • Customize your lessons packages and programs.
  • Utilize online instruction or Swing Tips to give lessons at any time, any place.
  • Share videos from lessons with your students and store them in the cloud. These video’s are accessible and viewable at any time on any device by you or the student.
  • Display or Market your current clients.
  • Display publically your reviews and testimonials.
  • Proof that you are a valued coach in the area.

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